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Antalya hotels and resorts, hotels in Antalya Turkey. Selected Antalya hotels and Antalya Resorts. Feb 26, 2017
Antalya Hotels and Resorts, hotels in Antalya Turkey. Selected Antalya Hotels  
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Calista Luxury Resort - Antalya Hotels and Resorts, hotels in Antalya Turkey. Selected Antalya Hotels

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AROUND ANTALYA - Antalya Hotels and Resorts, hotels in Antalya Turkey. Selected Antalya Hotels

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AROUND ANTALYA - Antalya Hotels and Resorts, hotels in Antalya Turkey. Selected Antalya Hotels
Temple of Zeus
AROUND ANTALYA - Antalya Hotels and Resorts, hotels in Antalya Turkey. Selected Antalya Hotels
Koprulu Kanyon
AROUND ANTALYA - Antalya Hotels and Resorts, hotels in Antalya Turkey. Selected Antalya Hotels
Aspendos Theatre
AROUND ANTALYA - Antalya Hotels and Resorts, hotels in Antalya Turkey. Selected Antalya Hotels

Northern part of Antalya, which is also known as Goller Bolgesi (Lake District) is highly acclaimed for its unspoiled landscape. This particular precinct is embedded within a mountainous area of 150 km north of Antalya. The city Burdur situated at this part is worth mentioning for its beautiful lakes, as well as for its carpets and kilims. In Bakircilar Carsisi you can find fine-crafted copper. The city also pertains a deeply-rooted streaks of Ottoman regional architecture among which Tasoda, Kocaoda and Misirlilar Konaks take the lead.

Burdur Lake: With nice beaches for swimming, it is a superb location for water sports from where you can climb upwards to the Susamlik Hill to get fully spellbound by the panoramic view over the city and lake.
Insuyu Cave: 10 km south on the road to Antalya, which is 597 meters long, with nine distinct pools, and chambers filled with stalactites and stalagmites.
Kremna (Camlik): It was an important Pisidian city and contains Roman and Byzantine era ruins.
Caravanserai: It is located 7 km west of Bucak and was built in the 13th century by the Seljuk ruler Giyaseddin Keykubat.
A hundred kilometers from southwest of Burdur, in Golhisar (Cibra), there are ruins of abundant quantity namely of lower and upper agora, theatre, necropolis and large aqueduct. Also in the region is the Hacilar Hoyuk (Hacilar mound) containing ceramics dating from 5400 to 8500 BC.
Sagalassos: The ancient site of Sagalassos was the Pisidian capital city and has ruins from the Roman times that includes a memorial entrance gate, colonnaded street and magnificent theatre.
City Walls: The memorial Hadrian Arch and The Clock Tower are remarkable and date back to Hellenistic era.
Kaleici: This is the nucleus of a city, which embraced many civilizations during time. It is now restored and has become a most attractive touristic centre with its hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment facilities. Kaleici retains all the original ancient Turkish archaeological characteristics. The port's marina has been completely restored and is well worth visiting. The restoration activities in Kaleici won the Golden Apple Prize, the Oscar of tourism.
Antalya Museum: A prize-winning museum and one of the most notable archaeology museums, of the world. It is also the only museum in Turkey with a children's department exhibiting ancient monuments appealing to children.
Hadrian's Gate: This ornamental marble arch was constructed in 2nd century BC by the Romans in honour of the Emperor Hadrian. It is the most amazing area in the whole ancient Pamphylia region.
Kesik Minaret (Broken Minaret): Once a Byzantine Panaglia church, later converted into a mosque.
Yivli Minaret: This fluted minaret of 13th century was built by the Seljuks. Decorated with dark blue and turquoise tiles, the minaret eventually became the symbol of the city.
Isparta: It is also an important city the name of which has been associated with the ‘rose’ and the traditional hand-made carpets. Isparta, as well, is rich in lakes that confer the region its peculiar beauty.

Egirdir and Golcul lake: They are set in the idyllic surroundings that are encircled with aromatic fine forests.
Kovada National Park: It is 30 km south of Lake Egirdir and is known for its pristine and cool mountain gateway.
Northeast of Isparta, Yalvac stands near the ancient city of Pisidian Antioch which is very spectacular with its ruins among which exists the St Paul’s Basilica, the aqueducts, the Temple to Augustus, the theatre and public baths as you walk along the city’s marble streets. Also Kizildag National Park, south of Yalvac, takes its reputable place amid one of Turkey’s most splendid landscapes.

The mountains of the Toros (Taurus) Range rise up immediately behind the coast. The entire length from Konyaalti Beach to the Kirlangic Peninsula is a national preserve.
Kemer is the most prevalent resort of the Western part exclusively with its beach which is honoured with a blue flag. Also in the Yoruk (Nomad) Theme Park, you can watch traditional crafts people at work. The adjoining bay is a charming and delightful spot with many sports and daily entertainment facilities. In every April, a colourful Carnival is held in Kemer.
Kiziltepe,Goynuk (Blue Flag and Beldibi (Blue Flag, north of Kemer and Camyuva and Tekirova (Blue Flag) to the south are tourist centers that offer various tourist activities. In historical origin, Mount Tahtali (Olympus) 15 km south of Kemer and the three harbours of Phaselis were once a major commercial center. The ruins of aqueducts, agoras, baths and theatre, Hadrian’s Gate and acropolis reveal the city’s historical importance
Finike, an entry port west of Olympos, is surrounded by the citrus trees and gardens. A sandy beach stretches to the east, and to the west are rocky bays and coves.

LIMYRA: It is an ancient city; 10 km inland from Finike. The fourth B.C pericles mausoleum is a magnificent example of ancient art.
ARIKANDA: It is set high on the mountain overlooking one of Turkey’s most beautiful valleys; the extensive ruins include an agora, a theatre with seven sections, a stadium, a water system, a gymnasium, baths and scattered sarcophagi.
MYRA: Now called Demre, the ancient city of Myra is 25 km west of Finike. It was inhabited as early as 500 B.C. Many splendidly carved rock tombs dating from the 4th century BC overlook the magnificent Roman Theatre. BURADA NOEL BABA'DAN BAHSEDILEBILIR
KEKOVA: It is an island an hour from Dalyanagzi by sea and is composed of numerous bays and ancient cities. These bays provide natural harbours in all seasons, and yachtsmen particularly enjoy exploring the unspoiled landscape.
KAS. It is a lovely district surrounded on three sides by mountains. The swimming and diving are excellent in the clear cool water around Kas.
KALKAN: A little distance to the west is KALKAN, which is a small hilltop town that overlooks a tiny bay. Its traditional, whitewashed houses, shuttered windows and balconies make it the ultimate in a peaceful holiday town.
XANTHOS: The ancient Lycian capital city Xanthos lies 18 km north of Patara. The theatre, Tomb of the Harpies ,Nereid Monument, agora and Inscribed Pillar create a special atmosphere at this site
Also at the Lycian cultural center of Letoon, 6km farther, three temples dedicated to Leto, Apollo and Artemis, familiar gods of mythology, await the exploring tourist.

The east part of Antalya stretches up to the city borders of Alanya. Abundant tourist facilities and well-preserved historical sites contribute much for the various options for a day’s activities.
PERGE: (18 km from Antalya) was an important city of ancient Pamphylia, originally settled by the Hittites around 1500 BC. The unearthed theatre of the ancient city has finely carved marble reliefs, and other carvings from around the city are displayed in the stadium.
BELEK: 40 km from Antalya, Belek is known to be the hub of the modern luxurious holiday center and golfer’s paradise. The national Golf Club located in Belek features a wide variety of water sports as well was a championship 18-hole golf course and 9 -hole academy course.
ASPENDOS: The spot is known for the Aspendos Theatre, the best-preserved theatre of the antiquity, with seating for 15.000 people. Still used today, the theatre’s galleries, stage decorations and acoustics all testify to the architect’s success.
Koprulu canyon national park: The park, 92 km from Antalya, is a valley of wild beauty rich in flora and fauna. The canyon stretches for 14 km along the Kopru River and is 400 meters deep in some places. Fish restaurants are strewn along the site.
SIDE: It is one of the best-known classical sites in Turkey, was an ancient harbour whose name meant pomegranate. Today as a pretty resort town, its ancient ruins, two sandy beaches, numerous shops and extensive tourist accommodation attract throngs of visitors. The Temple of Apollo, which is situated near the sea and necropolis, constitute the chief landmark of the region.
At SELEUCIA of PAMPHYLIA, there are also the remains of Roman Baths, temples, churches, a mausoleum, theatre and agora.
CAVE NATIONAL PARK: Situated 12 kilometers southeast of Aydinkent and 55 kilometers southeast north of Manavgat. Lakes and interesting rock formations within the cave area as well as travertine and streams make this area especially fascinating.
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